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10 Tips on how to Take a Good Selfie

Selfies are notoriously difficult to master. (It’s why you take 5,000 shots and only post two of them.)

Not only are you your own worst critic, it’s tough to get the perfect angle and lighting when you’re the one controlling everything.

But celebrities and photography experts have a few secrets that’ll help you get a cute selfie every time.

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Here are 11 tips on how to take a good selfie.

1. Light It Up!

It’s the #1 rule in photography: lighting, lighting lighting!

Whether you have too much of it or not enough, the wrong angle or type, the lighting you use can make or break any photo. So before you take that selfie, make sure your lighting is spot-on.

Morning and evening tend to have the best light, as it’s softer and more diffuse. Harsh sun can cast shadows and cause squinting (no one’s best look!), so pick a cloudy day or stand a few feet away from a window to get the best effect.

If there’s not a cloud in sight, try blocking the sun with your head. It creates a gorgeous “halo” effect that can make for an amazing selfie. If there’s no light, a clip-on phone light can work wonders.

2. Less Is More

When it comes to the background for your selfie, less is definitely more. (So get out of the bathroom!)

A chaotic background and other visual clutter will make your photos look unprofessional. Plus, they take the attention away from the most important part of the picture: you!

Find a simple background so that it complements you rather than competes with you. A wall full of other pictures is a no-go; a patterned wallpaper with nothing else is great.

black and white selfie of man in city courtyard

If you can’t find the perfect background (but you’re really feeling yourself that day), cut it out altogether and just go with a close-up or throw a black-and-white filter over it.

3. Chill Out

Tensing up during your selfie will just make you look awkward. So take a chill pill and relax before you take that shot.

Drop your shoulders, relax your jaw, shift your head forward slightly (this will get rid of that double chin), and let out a deep exhale.

Having a more relaxed selfie makes you look more confident, not to mention more cool.

4. Smile Like You Mean It

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You want to look great in your selfie, not like a kid who was just told to say “cheese.”

So here’s a tip on getting a natural looking smile: laugh.

Professional photographers use this trick to avoid the dreaded “I’ve-been-smiling-so-long-my-face-hurts” syndrome. (Don’t forget to smile with your eyes!)

But even a forced, fake laugh looks genuine on camera. So think of your favorite joke (or meme) and get that cute selfie!

5. Best Foot Forward -Or nose…or eyes….

It’s common knowledge among professional photographers that whatever is closest to the camera will look the most pronounced. So use this to your advantage.

If you love your jaw line, tilt your head back slightly and angle your camera towards your profile. If you hate your nose, don’t point look straight at the camera.

6. Switch It Up

woman taking selfie at a tilted angle

We all have a favorite go-to pose. But remember: lighting, hairstyles, clothing, and even your mood can all make a huge difference in the outcome of your selfie, so don’t expect to have success with the same pose every time. (Besides, that’s just boring!)

Try out lots of different poses, angles, and facial expressions during your selfie session. Who knows? You might find a new favorite!

7. Know Your “Good Side”

Full-on photos exaggerate any asymmetry in your face (plus, they tend to look like mug shots).

If you aren’t sure which side of your face is the “good” one, take a few test shots of each side and compare. If it’s too hard to tell, stand in front of the mirror and hold a sheet of paper over each side of your face.

Knowing which is your good side will come in handy any time your picture is taken, like at family reunions or a trip to the photo booth at your cousin’s wedding.

8. The Magic Angle

When all else fails, give the Magic Angle a try.

two women taking selfie in restaurant booth

Looking down at your phone is one of the most unflattering angles of them all. Instead, hold the camera level with your face or slightly higher. Turn your head to the side (your good one!) and keep your chin slightly down. This pose is guaranteed to make you look like a celebrity!

9. Action Shot

Do you usually end up with a hundred photos that are almost perfect?

If you frequently take pictures just a second too early or late, try taking your selfie in burst mode. You’ll get plenty of options to choose from and you can pick the best one.

Alternatively, take a video selfie and screenshot your favorite frame.

10. Turn It Around

Your iPhone has two cameras, but one of them is better than the other.

man taking a selfie with phone turned around

For a better quality pic, flip your phone around and use the back camera. You’ll feel a bit like you’re flying blind without the screen to show you want you look like, but this is the digital age. You can always delete the ones you don’t like.

11. K.I.S.S.

No, we don’t mean duck face!

In this case, K.I.S.S. stands for “Keep It Super Short.” Selfie sessions tend to run away with themselves and, before you know it, you’ve filled up your storage and maxed out your patience.

If you find yourself getting frustrated that you aren’t getting the look you want, take a break and try again later. Your phone could probably use a charge, anyway.

Photo Booths Are Always Flattering!
As fun as selfies are, we think it’s a lot more fun to have a robot take them for you!

Inside a photo booth, you don’t have to worry about lighting or background. The lighting is always bright and flattering, the backgrounds are simple and fun, and the camera quality is fantastic. Not to mention the fantastic props!

Plus, when you’re partying at an event, everyone is dressed to kill and in a great mood, so all those smiles are legitimate.

If you’re looking for a way to capture every special moment at your next event, a photo booth is the #1 best way to do it. Call today to reserve your favorite booth!

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6 Super Cute Ways to Use A Baby Shower Photo Booth

Facilitating an infant shower, sex uncover, or “taste and see” is an eagerly awaited occasion when a couple reports they are anticipating. Be that as it may, not every person anticipates the equivalent, tired games that have been mainstream since your grandmother was pregnant.

Enter: the infant shower photo booth!

You see photo booths at each other real life occasion… why not a child shower? All things considered, you’ll before long be making tons more pictures for the family photo collection. Get that infant book off to a sweet start!

Here are 6 very charming approaches to utilize a photo booth at an infant shower or sexual orientation uncover party.

1. Pregnancy Announcement with PhotoBooth in Melbourne

You’ve likely observed photo booth-themed spare the date declarations before a wedding. All things considered, what’s a pregnancy declaration if not a “spare the date” for your up and coming infant?

photo booth melbourne

Or then again utilize a similar idea to structure the infant shower solicitations.

In the event that you would prefer not to lease a photo booth only for one arrangement of photos, utilize a photo altering programming like Picmonkey to make a comparative look and feel. This will likewise get everybody energized for the child shower celebrations!

2. Fun Props for PhotoBooth

Everybody cherishes a photo booth, yet let’s be honest… props are what make them so energizing! Assemble a fun accumulation of infant shower photo booth props and perceive how rapidly your companions and relatives get in on the activity.

While nothing is more great than the mustache-on-a-stick, you have a ton of alternatives here. From adorable idioms to the ever-amusing pacifier-on-a-stick, props will clean up photo booth over the top.

Here are some charming child shower photo booth prop recommendations:

Larger than usual containers, face cloths, and other infant gear

Patterns of mom and daddy-to-be as children

Inflatables (so visitors can seem as though they’re pregnant, as well!)

Modified casing with child’s name and due date

Blackboard or dry delete board (so visitors can compose their own messages)

At Photobooth Rocks, we have gobs of photo booth props for any topic or event. Whatever kind of occasion you’re having, we likely have a lot of props that will be impeccable.

3. Video recording of the event

That shopping center photo of days gone by might have been a one-stunt horse, yet the present photo booths can accomplish such a great deal more! Also, one of our preferred highlights is video informing. Rather than simply taking still photos, let visitors record short video cuts with their best guidance, expectations, and congrats for the new expansion to your family.

A child shower is the ideal event for this. Your dearest companions and relatives are as one and everybody shares sincere wishes and desires for another life. Child showers additionally make different mothers feel nostalgic, as they think back on those early days with their young ones.

With Photobooth Rocks’ Classic and Open Air photo booths, you can not just catch those desires and recollections always, you can impart them to your little one when s/he’s mature enough.

4. Custom Backdrop styles

Few out of every odd infant shower setting has the ideal photo booth scenery (particularly in case you’re facilitating it at your home).

Hanging an adorable scenery is the least demanding approach to make a moment, selfie-prepared canvas that will make those photo booth pictures stick out.

adorned vine divider as photo booth setting

At Photobooth Rocks, we offer an assortment of setting hues to suit your occasion, yet on the off chance that you need something somewhat extraordinary, consider a redid photo booth foundation.

5. Photobooth for Expectations

What’s something infant showers and the Super Bowl share for all intents and purpose?

Wagering pools!

Individuals love to wager on infants: the sexual orientation, name, due date, birth weight… and so on, individuals will wager on it. So utilize the photo booth to catch those forecasts one after another (so nobody can swindle!)

Utilize a blackboard or dry delete board and have individuals record their forecasts (ideal for a sex uncover gathering!) and gather all the data for some other time.

On the off chance that you’d preferably not support the wagering viewpoint, have individuals record their forecasts for the child’s character. Will he be an extraordinary sleeper? Will she adore artful dance? These will be enjoyable to think back on once the child is somewhat more established.

6. Multiple Photo Strips


At Photobooth Rocks, we’ve seen that the host appreciates the photos as much as the individuals in them. That is the reason we incorporate twofold prints of each and every photo taken in the booth: one for the visitor and one for the host.

The host’s duplicates go into a guestbook by the signature and all the best of their visitors and you have an ideal token to return to for a considerable length of time to come.


From Jewish rights of passage and quinces to graduations and weddings, photo booths are the ideal method to commend those enormous achievements throughout your life.

What’s more, what greater achievement is there than respecting a fresh out of the box new expansion to your family?

A sexual orientation uncover or child shower photo booth isn’t just an incredible method to have a fabulous time at your occasion, it’s a sweet method to accumulate everybody’s all the best and glad messages for an astounding time in your life.