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Background Ideas To Elevate A Simple Photobooth

“As the world of social media grows, the demand for a voguish and “instagrammable” photos go along with it. Weddings, birthdays, corporate events, baby showers, and other memorable occasions hire photo booth companies to capture spontaneous smiles and valuable moments.”


      The gist is, your photo booth background should be striking. A plain boring background won’t make the cut if you want to flaunt your new dress or your elegant make-up. 

There are various ways to customize and bring your photo booth background up a notch. Before you do so, a few things should be considered before making a decision:

If it is a themed event, match it to the theme. 

If you have a dress code and color codes, choose background colors that are contrasting but complementing. 

Make sure it goes with the celebration.

Choose a gender-flexible background. 

Depth is the key. 

However, a customized background will separate your event photos from the usual. To jumpstart your event planning, here are some ideas:

Ombre Wall


      Ombre is a popular hairstyle, but it became prominent in designing accent walls for an interior space. It is a dandy way of blending two or more colors while harmoniously creating subtle strokes and depth. 

Also, an ombre wall is an array of colors complementing altogether to form a scenic offset view with a drizzle of engaging eye candy. 

Here is an example of a monotone ombre wall that is balanced for males, females, and unicorns.

Photo retrieved from Pinterest

“Colors are unlimited, but you can never go wrong with neutrals.”

Photo retrieved from Pinterest


Neutral colors are your best friend when it comes down to a very difficult decision of choosing the right colors for all genders.

Hence, aside from the visual impact, an ombre wall is easy to create

Textured Wall


       A textured wall will create layers in your photos, especially if it is a formal event where everybody is plainly well-dressed. A storming textured background for your photo booth will bring a touch of edge with a pairing inconsistent flow to your pictures.

A textured wall is one way to create variations in your photos. It will add a sense of style with elegance. 

        Patterned Wall


Another way to astonish your guests is to exhibit a wall with cohesive patterns. Patterns are good. They are consistent and comforting. Patterns are good ways to heighten the mood of your guests. 

Additionally, choosing a pattern for your upcoming event will bring unlimited and customary options. If you are celebrating a baby shower, you can select from an array of dreamy patterns to accentuate the cute face of your baby. 

Perhaps a wedding, an elegant classic pattern will paramount any other photo booth ideas.

Maybe even a corporate event, that features the company’s product or celebration. 

However, patterned walls will punch in a taste of modernity and edge to your photo booth pictures and your future photo albums.

A trippy eye-boggling background can be an interesting choice for your daughter’s debut.

A 3D backdrop paper flowers can also be a dainty idea to add depth and range to your pictures.

They can increase texture, variety, and angles to the composition. A three-dimensional pattern will add a hunch of personalized likes while framing the pictures constantly in one angle to create a cohesive photo selection.

Photo retrieved from Pinterest


A quaint classic foliage pattern for your baby’s first birthday is another surpassing and timeless choice for a photo booth background. it is colorful, fun, and quirky.

Photo retrieved from Pinterest

Thousands of themes, ideas, color palettes, backgrounds, and patterns to choose from. It ranges from a simple redundant object staggering in place to fill the space to complicated asymmetrical shapes that differ from the rest of the basic patterns. 

Either way, if you are banking into a one of a kind pattern, it is always crucial to keep it at par with the event or celebration to achieve a personalized approach.

Wall Mural


A mural is the most certain way to have a voguish one of a kind background. The styles are endless and the possibilities are vast. The fast-approaching culture of the popularity contest in social media entices many to bank into something that has never been done before. 

A theme that will catch the viewer’s attention and the liker’s thumb to hit that button. 

A striking optical illusion background is a paragon idea to blend artsy and unique photo booth shots.

Photo retrieved from Pinterest


The amalgam of the two opposite elements works well together in designing a picture that screams for attention.

The amalgam of the two opposite elements works well together in designing a picture that screams for attention. 

If you are a wedding planner in Melbourne or you are about to throw a bridal shower for your best friend, Quirky Photo Booths is one of the best photo booths to hire in the area. 

So get crazy and start planning on your upcoming event, make sure to include a quirky photo booth area to document your moments.

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10 Questions To Ask When Choosing a Photo Booth Company

Picking a photo booth organization can be overpowering. There are such a large number of organizations, highlights, and booths to browse! In what manner can you restricted them down?

Before you choose to simply procure the least expensive one, read through this inquiry list. Significantly more significant than cost is finding an extraordinary organization to work with. How a photo booth organization works together, how they treat you, and the consideration they put into the experience will say a lot in excess of a number on a statement structure.

photobooth hire

1. Are you authorized to run a Photo Booth in Melbourne?

In case you’re setting aside the effort to procure a photo booth organization, you ought to be mindful so as not to contract somebody who’s simply doing this as a leisure activity.

A great deal can turn out badly at a formal occasion and you need to ensure your photo booth organization is set up to deal with it.

2. What sort of booths do you have?

Outdoors booth with our vine divider background.

A few organizations offer a redesigned tablet as their solitary photo booth. While there’s nothing amiss with that, there’s a major distinction between somebody who just purchases a lot of iPads and somebody who sets aside the effort to put resources into top notch, proficient photo booths.

A genuinely proficient photo booth seller will have a wide range of photo booth types for each sort of customer and occasion.

3. What’s incorporated?

With photo booths, similarly as with most things, you get what you pay for.

A photo booth organization with an absolute bottom arrangement may charge extra for stuff you’d hope to be incorporated, similar to props, a setting, or prints. With each organization you talk with, ensure they are clear about what their cost incorporates.

How long of administration?

Is arrangement/tear down included?

Will you bring props? a prop table?

Does it incorporate a background?

Will you get duplicates of all the photos taken?

The exact opposite thing you need is any upsetting shocks on the huge day.

4. What highlights do the photo booths have?

Photo booths are not equivalent to they were during the ’80s.

Current photo booths offer diverse size prints, computerized pictures, social sharing, even video informing!

In the event that you are never going to budge on a model that makes vivified gifs, for instance, this is something you’ll need to ask every photo booth organization as you talk with them. On the off chance that having 4×6 prints rather than the run of the mill 2×6 strips is imperative to you, get some information about that too.

5. What do the photos resemble?

On the off chance that you choose to go with physical prints for your photo booth (great decision!), nature of the photos is critical.

Solicit what type from printer they use, how quick it prints, what various designs are accessible, and whether custom illustrations or logos can be included. An expert photo booth organization should offer lab-quality prints in under 10 seconds.

6. What does the arrangement resemble?

Inquire as to whether you can see photos of the photo booth arrangement. A few organizations set up shabby pipe-and-wrap to disguise a ghastly booth. Others strew the zone with lines and leave props tossed haphazard on the table.

Our Classic Black photo booth mixes consistently with any stylistic layout.

It’s additionally essential to ask when arrangement and separate occur. It is safe to say that they are going to sneak in just before the gathering and set up while you’re stating your promises? Or then again will they drop the hardware off in the first part of the day and leave a lot of time for testing and investigating?

A photo booth that doesn’t work when you need it is equivalent to having no photo booth by any stretch of the imagination.

7. Does the booth accompany a specialist?

Obviously, regardless of whether a photo booth works splendidly, it won’t be any great to your visitors in the event that they can’t make sense of how to utilize it.

Try not to contract any photo booth organization on the off chance that they do exclude an orderly with each and every rental. Photo booth hardware is touchy and costly; you don’t need them denouncing you if something turns out badly. Other than that, you need to ensure each visitor gets a first class involvement.

photo booth orderly in photo booth with lady of the hour and man of the hour

Our chaperons will successfully enable you to get the ideal shot!

Ensure the orderlies are dressed expertly and what their extent of work really incorporates. Will they tidy up the prop table and compose the line or will they simply remain off to the side and play Farmville?

8. What number of prints/sessions are my visitors qualified for?

By and by, we figure the response to this ought to consistently be: UNLIMITED!

Nobody needs to be informed that they’ve arrived at their farthest point and need to sulk by the treat table. Offering boundless prints is such a little thing for the photo booth organization that has a HUGE effect to you!

9. Would you be able to suit my setting?

A little notable setting with restricted entryways and staircases will dispose of any photo booth organization that lone arrangements in behemoth booths. An open air scene with no covering probably won’t be agreeable to any booth whatsoever.

Before you employ any photo booth organization, ensure they’re comfortable with your scene. Any accomplished wedding merchant ought to be comfortable with the vast majority of the wedding settings in your general vicinity: how to get to them, what the floor plan is, and the occasion supervisor’s name.

lady of the hour and lucky man inside photo booth

10. What are your surveys?

Legitimate, impartial audits from an outsider source are probably the most ideal approaches to pass judgment on a photo booth organization’s quality.

Approach loved ones for suggestions, yet in addition read the organization’s surveys on their online networking pages and destinations like Google and Yelp. Any organization who isn’t approaching about their audits is most likely one you would prefer not to work with.

The Top Reasons You Need A Photo Booth In Melbourne

The Top Reasons You Need A Photo Booth In Melbourne


Having a couple of exercises other than moving at your gathering is a decent method to ensure every one of your visitors have a great time.

In some cases individuals simply need a break from getting this party started, and the photo booth gives a decent escape.

It’s additionally a decent place for individuals to accumulate and mingle. Your visitors will love it.

We generally have a line to get into our booth and when visitors turn out they are continually grinning; to such an extent they return over and over!

It makes an incredible remembrance — for you and your visitors. Individuals will value having a photo of themselves with their companions, their children, or their date. In any case, regardless of whether they couldn’t care less about that, you will love having a ton of fun photos of your wedding visitors.

On the off chance that you consider it like a cutting edge visitor book, it appears to be senseless to skip it since it’s been done previously.

It’s not buzzword for the more seasoned set. Your bridesmaids, who go through numerous an hour taking a gander at web based wedding motivation with you may think its solitary a pattern since they have seen a lot of it.

Yet, your more established relatives and visitors who don’t go to numerous weddings will probably still discover the photo booth absolutely magnificent and fun.

What A Photo Booth Can Do For You?

It’s reasonable for all ages. You don’t need to be youthful to appreciate a photo and your auntie might not have any desire to move to Rihanna!

She should snap this ‘picture opp’ with her niece and them two have a memory and print to share.

Wistfulness. Back in past times worth remembering where telephones didn’t go with us and take pictures, we headed with our companions to a booth in the shopping centers or gathering to celebrate the occasion.

Photo booths now aday harken back to this bygone era feel with refreshed props and extras.

It’s an idea. Visitors love to demonstrate others how their photos turn out and begins discussions between individuals who numerous not know one another.

Each photo booth is unique. Regardless of our earnest attempts to duplicate the most recent in vogue stylistic layout, each wedding still winds up being so unique, on account of everything from the hour of day and the scene to how solid the barkeep is blending drinks.

That implies each photo booth will be diverse as well. Regardless of whether individuals are over taking pictures with their dates, they may love an opportunity to take senseless pics with old companions or relatives whom they haven’t found in some time. Likewise, … we’re almost certain nobody is over taking pictures of themselves.

Makes a marvelous guestbook. In spite of the fact that you probably won’t understand we’re doing this, you will be happy your booth head servant set aside the effort to ensure everybody adds a snap to your visitor book while leaving a message around the photographs.

On numerous occasions The Photo Boothers [] you can find their google website here: we are told how upbeat ladies and grooms are with this piece of our administration. It’s another wind on the conventional visitor books and one that you will need to take a gander at over and over.

Helps integrates your topic. Regardless of whether you need a winter wonderland, day at the shoreline or even only a shading numerous administrations, for example, All the Rave can utilize props to coordinate your topic. We can even alter your prints to coordinate and – if the spending extends – we can even redo the booth itself!

Parties Without Photo Booth Hire In Melbourne are not the same!

Offer the affection! Not exclusively will your visitors get a duplicate of the fun photographs on the night, we will likewise transfer all your ‘perfect’ pictures to your own one of a kind Facebook collection! This enables carry on the a good time for quite a long time after the enormous day as loved ones to tag, remark and duplicate their photos.